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With Tracy's Mission Alignment Process®, you can: Realize your visions. Align with your mission. Love your life-now! Are you... * In the midst of a life transition? * Looking for the relationship of your dreams? * Selling a house in a challenging market? * Setting up a new home? * Struggling with money? * Blocked in your goals or happiness? * Making a career change? Tracy will design an environment to support you. Feng Shui Services Include: Commercial & Corporate Services are available to companies of all sizes, from independent business owners to large corporations. Top benefits and results reported from clients include: attracting the desired client mix, increased revenue or immediate collection of cash, movement on stalled contracts or projects, and harmonious resolution of strained vendor relationships. Residential Choose from one of three different tiered packages based on Tracy's Mission Alignment Process®. Benefits reported from clients are new found money, renewed marital bliss, revived careers, expanded levels of energy and focus. We can work with architects, interior designers, and contractors on new constructions. Calling in the Buyer Using feng shui as a tool, Tracy assess the identifying characteristics of the house to use as a basis for strategy to a successful winning formula. With a unified and focused approach those strategies are implemented in marketing and staging for a quick sale. Online Consultations Complete Feng Shui consultations can be conducted via Skype or webcam. Coaching Consultations Half hour blocks of phone coaching are available to keep the energy moving after the consultation has ended. Staging Plus More important than how a home looks is how it feels-especially to a prospective buyer. Use our staging services as an alternative to a renovation, or to set up your house for a successful sale. Personal Organizing We clear clutter and create systems to keep you organized when you don't have the time or know-how to do it yourself. Educational Seminars & Workshops Tracy offers motivating and interactive workshops which participants report leaving "excited to go home and start making changes."In addition to being a presenter of clear and easily understood content, she loves to facilitate guests sharing with each other and having inspired conversations.Topics include What Are You Holding On To? Feng Shui Your Relationship, and Feng Shui 101.


5 Fairview Drive
Westport, Connecticut 06880

5 Fairview Road
Westport, CT 06880

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1 Review
Sharon Zohar
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Highest regard for Tracy's skills

Tracy was professional, efficient, patient, and understanding. Her help allowed me to sell my home for a very good price in a terrible market, while two other homes on my street languished, and we developed a rapport that remains to this day. I now consider her a friend, and I have the highest regard for her skills and her integrity.

September 2016

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