JB: Donna, your jewelry looks so beautiful, so exotic, and so different from than anything I have ever seen. Can you tell us about it? DJG: "My jewelry is wearable art that tells a story. I work directly with clients to create something that is personal to them. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is individual to the woman who wears it I search the globe to find the highest-quality silver available and I put together a beautiful collection. Clients ask for stones and neck pieces, so each year I try to introduce a new component so that the pieces always work together. The design concept is to wear several together to create your own personal sculpture on your wrist or neck." JB: What material do you use in creating these one-of-a-kind pieces and where do you get it? DJG: "I use fine silver which is mined near a small village in the hills near Chang Mai, Thailand. It is 98-99% pure with only 2% alloy (other minerals), and is softer than sterling, which allows for intricate design. It is also light enough to comfortably wear many pieces at once. Due to the low alloy content the pieces become shinier over time. (Sterling silver contains 7.5% alloy. Lesser grades of silver are heavier and tarnish over time.)" JB: What influenced you to start this business? DJG: I have traveled the world extensively in my 37 years of flying for a major airline, and during that time I made jewelry for myself out of artifacts that I have collected from Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. I was constantly being asked what exotic part of the world my jewelry came from and over time discovered that I was able to tap into unusual global finds and create something women loved and wanted.I am inspired by all cultures and what is unique in all major cities of the world." JB: Where is your business heading? DJG: "My jewelry designs have intrigued many other designers in different fields, and I am in the process of designing and manufacturing handbags and outerwear. I am using my knowledge and experience in travel to create travel accessories and products that are functional but still maintain high style and quality." JB: Where do you live and how can someone get in touch with you? DJG: "I am a local artisan; I live in Saint Mary's by the Sea, in Blackrock, Connecticut. I also live in Manhattan, and can sometimes be found in Argentina or Japan! My website is: and my contact information is: [email protected] and 203-820-9327


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