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Psychotherapist, LCSW & Business Development Consultant-ResultsDriven Approach to Achieving Individual & Company GoalsClinical Private Practice - Fordham UniversityFor over 2 decades, Allyson Maida has assisted both individuals of all ages and businesses of all sizes maximize their potential. Through the combined use of psychology and neuroscience, Allyson has developed a series of revolutionary techniques to help: Define purpose and vision, figure out the next steps in life and overcoming obstacles, build ambitions, strengthen leadership,increase goal attainment, improve creativity, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness... shifting desire to reality.

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Westport, Connecticut 6880

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I would hate to be the speaker that follows Allyson.

I have listened to many motivational public speakers and I was in awe of only one of them, Allyson Maida. She has the ability to command a room unlike anyone I have ever seen. She could speak to a room of 12 year olds, college professors, or police officers and make the message perfectly clear. I have personally done a fair amount of public speaking and I would hate to be the speaker that follows Allyson.

January 2018

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