You are running late to work and hop on the train only to realize you
forgot to lock up the house. So from your train seat, you whip out your
phone, lock the front door, set the alarm, program the irrigation system to
water the lawn at 7 pm, and even lower the shades in your daughters'
room so it's cool for her when she returns from school. Sounds like sci-fi,
right? It's not. It's possiblethrough the smart living eco-system
available through TecKnow.
Welcome to TecKnowFor many, the more technology has promistied to make our lives easier, the more complicated life gets. A host of devices, applications and things we can't even describe are supposed to help us run our homes. From security cameras to temperature sensors, personal assistants to entertainment centers, we can access more energy- and effort-saving opportunities than we know what to do with. The problem is: We don't know what to do with them. Learning tooperate each one is a full-time job. That leaves no time to figure out how to get even one of them to communicate with the others.Thankfully, TecKnow knows.  
The Westport-based company designs, installs, programs, trains and supports smart homes and offices. Lights, locks, thermostats, irrigation, entertainment, outlets, alarms, solar, sensors, air quality, shades, cameras, TVs, speakers -- if you've got it, TecKnow will integrate and optimize it. If you want it, TecKnow will deploy one of their "Tec-Know-It-All's" to design, install and custom program it for you. There is one platform, and no wires. Using a device, iPad, watch or voice, you control your home or office. You can do it from anywhere in the world. TecKnow does it by integrating two 
quality companies: Apple and Tesla. The result is unparalleled security, convenience and efficiency.
Other smart home companies aggregate personal data. They sell it to other firms, up-sell add-ons, and target you with advertisements. TecKnow's platform does not. They work only with Apple's HomeKit platform
and Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right. TecKnow provides TeslaPowerwalls -- the rechargeable energystorage device -- to homeowners and localsolar companies. In fact, they're the only smart home automation company to become aTesla-authorized energy re-seller and installer. TecKnow is based in Bedford Square. Westport is close to TecKnow's heart. Founder and CEO Phil Levieff -- a Staples High School graduate - is passionate about creating an infrastructure company that positively impacts the environment, helps mitigate climate change, and provides innovative solutions and jobs right here in his hometown.
You can stop by "The Pod" -- TecKnow's futuristic flagship showroom -- in the new brick building that pays homage to downtown's history -- for a personal demonstration.
You can also drive by 227 Hillspoint Road. There -- across from 
Elvira Mae's Deli -- you'll see a TecKnow project that just won
Westport's Green Building Award for innovative use of energy-efficient technology. Of course, you won't see anything unusual from
the outside -- just a beautiful, modern beach home.
All the magic happens inside: effortlessly, efficiently, wirelessly.
It's like magic. Except it's not. It's the future.
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