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Chief Development Officer, Westport

Chief Development Officer, Westport

Job opening for Chief Development Officer in Westport, CT.

TBI Computer Classes $ 99

TBI Computer Classes

TBI Computer employs skilled individuals who are available for on-site and in-house tutorials on various hardware and software technologies as well as strategies on how you can better utilize your existing technology.

Receptionist/Program Assistant Part Time

Receptionist/Program Assistant Part Time

Serves as the receptionist for a busy senior center; program set up, clean up, telephone contact, registers participants for activities, and assists visitors to the center; handles money and cash register.

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Looking for a Substitute Teacher $ 50

Looking for a Substitute Teacher

The Westport Board of Education provides academic instruction to a student under its jurisdiction who is unable to attend school for various reasons. We are looking to hire a tutor who can provide academic instruction in Chemistry.